Mask Making During the Pandemic

My weaving studio quickly transitioned into a sewing workshop. With the support of friends and family, I produced and shipped masks (at no cost) to medical professionals, first responders, hospitals, essential workers, seniors citizens, immunocompromised individuals, family, and friends.

When retail stores began to reopen the owner of the North Fork Craft Gallery asked me if I’d be interested in selling my masks in her shop. At the time beautiful masks were hard to find and I was happy to work with her. By winter the demand for masks dropped off as the market became saturated and I no longer needed to fill the gap. Since then I’ve taken numerous business classes and began marketing my handwoven rug business on social media.

Although the pandemic slowed the development of my business, I’m happy I found a way to pivot and apply my fiber arts skills/talents in a way that helped keep others stay safe and healthy.

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